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Quad Tours

If you're looking for an experience to get your heart pumping, a quad tour just outside Marrakesh might be just the thing. These powerful all-terrain vehicles are capable of going off-road in a way other vehicles just can't. The view from the top of the Atlas mountains or while crossing the palm grow is utterly captivating and worth the price of the tour by itself. A trained guide is there to ensure your safety at all times as you set off into the desert. Quad bikes offer the opportunity for exploration for people of many different capacities and levels. Of course, some age restrictions will apply to this activity
Quad tours are a great way to get out in the arid Agafay desert that surrounds Marrakesh. This is the desert experience you’ve been dreaming of. Not only do the tours offer a way to experience the natural beauty of Agafay desert, but they also provide a real adrenaline rush. If it seems daunting to hop onto a quad for the first time, don't worry. Trained guides will help you get to grips with your machine. Many tour operators offer tandem quads for one driver and one passenger, and some even have large four-seater quads for those who don't wish to drive. Even if you’re not comfortable driving the machine, you can still experience the thrill of seeing the Agafay Desert in this high-octane way. Racing along the Agafay Desert is the most exciting way to experience this fascinating place.