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Located in the Wiltshire area of England, Stonehenge is one of the most renowned sites in the world. Tumulus graves surround the standing stone structure from Neolithic Stone Age and Bronze age. Stonehenge, meaning hanging stones, was the scene of astronomy and geometry studies, and Pagan ceremonies.
Located in Salisbury, in the south of England, Stonehenge is one of the most fascinating sights in history. These towering stone structures are images seen across the globe, yet not that many people know what they are. Visiting Stonehenge will give you an insight into the history and mysticism of the site, as well as allowing you to gaze upon the vision with your own eyes. Stonehenge is known as a prehistoric monument, and in the grounds around the site, you can explore Neolithic houses. The Visitor Centre houses more than 250 different artifacts, as well as the remains of a 5500-year-old man. The journey from London to Stonehenge takes under 2 hours, making this the ideal day trip from the capital, into calmer, more rural landscapes. If you can visit during sunset, you’ll be witness to one of the most stunning sights you’ll ever set your eyes on.
The mystery surrounding Stonehenge is truly captivating. Many visitors want to learn more, and it is easy to do that at the on-site visitor center. The site is protected, so you should be careful not t leave any lasting mark of your visit, and to take all rubbish with you. The stone circle itself is the major highlight of the site, and the image you will have seen online and in magazines for years. History here dates back over 4500 years and is evidence of a settlement that was sited there, years before we understood man. The Stone Circle isn’t just a historic place, as for many it is a spiritual site also, and you will see many events taking place during the Summer Solstice, and other such times of the year. Inside the Visitor Centre, you can learn about how the stones came to be, what they mean, and how they were built. From the interactive learning experiences, you can imagine how the landscapes changed, and how life was back in Neolithic times. There are also ruins of old Neolithic houses to visit, giving you an accurate overview of history. Stonehenge is like stepping back in time. Around the Stone Circle, there are several walking routes you can take, and you can pick up a map from the Visitors Centre and set off on your journey of exploration. The area around Stonehenge spans for 6500 acres, within the World Heritage Site itself. Within the grounds, you’ll also find cafes, shops, and restaurants. Despite this being a significant tourist attraction these days, the natural setting has meant that it never feels crowded. By doing all you can to help preserve the wonder of Stonehenge, it will undoubtedly last for many more centuries to come. You will need to book your trip in advance, as turning upon the day is likely to result in huge queues, especially during the summer months. This is one of the most iconic and famous sites in England so that you can expect crowds. During summer, remember to dress for the warmer weather, and bring sun cream, as the spaces are wide open and there is little shade outside of the Visitor Centre and cafe facilities.