Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TourScanner?

    TourScanner is the price comparison site for tours & travel activities.
    TourScanner’s search allows users to compare tours & travel activities’ prices in just a few clicks from more than 30 booking sites.

  • Why is TourScanner free?

    TourScanner is free to use. So, how do we make money?

    1. 1 - We search through tens of booking websites to find you your ideal tour or travel activity at the best price.
    2. 2 - When you have found a tour you wish to book, we direct you to the online travel agent which sells the tour you have chosen at the cheapest price. In exchange, the agent pays us a small referral fee.
    3. 3 - We compare all the online travel agents promoting tours & travel activities – so we make sure you get the best price.
    4. 4 - The price you see is always the same price of the online travel agent, no hidden fees. Remember, you are always booking with the online travel agent, not with TourScanner.
  • Why should I use your website?

    Searching for and booking tours & travel activities is a pain: it is time consuming and travellers do not have the certainty to pay the right price.
    Thanks to TourScanner, you save time and make sure you are paying the cheapest price on the web.

  • Are your partners’ websites safe?

    Our online travel agents’ partners are among the most reliable agents you may find on the web, such as Viator or Getyouguide.

  • How do I manage my bookings?

    You do not book with TourScanner but directly with the online travel agent you have chosen while doing your booking.
    You may contact your online travel agent regarding your bookings or any questions you may have about your tour or travel activity you have booked.

  • How can we appear on TourScanner?

    Please contact us at [email protected]

  • Are my details safe?

    We will not sell, share, or provide your IP details, personal information, cookies and location data to others other than in accordance with our Privacy Policy.