Uffizi Gallery tickets price (updated 2019)

See the Uffizi Gallery – one of the most prestigious museums in Italy. Compare prices and book your tickets online with confidence at the best price.

The Uffizi Gallery is one of the top museums in Italy and also one of the oldest. Designed by Giorgio Vasari in the 16th century to house the thirteen most important Florentine courts, named ‘uffici’. 

Every year, millions of travelers visit the Uffizi Gallery to admire with their own eyes some of the most famous art works that have marked mankind’s artistic innovation through the centuries.

How much Uffizi Gallery tickets cost?

Uffizi Gallery tickets price depends on the season.

From 01/03 to 31/10:

  • Standard tickets for the Uffizi Gallery costs 20€ (+4€ for the obligatory reservation).
  • Discounted tickets* cost 10€ (+4€ for the obligatory reservation)

From 01/11 to 28/02:

  • Standard tickets for the Uffizi Gallery costs 10€ (+4€ for the obligatory reservation).
  • Discounted tickets* cost 6€ (+4€ for the obligatory reservation)
    • * Discounted price applies for citizens of the EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, aged between 18 and 25 years old and regular teachers in state schools.

** Admission for the Borghese Gallery is free of charge on the first Sunday of every month.

*** Audioguides are available at the entrance (in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian and Japanese. The price is 6€.

Should I book my ticket in advance?

Yes! The Uffizi Gallery is one of the most visited  museums in Italy. It’s always high season in Florence, and everyday tourists from all over the world line up to visit the Uffizi Gallery.

When booking online your ticket, you will bypass the lengthy ticket-buying lines that can plague Florence most popular sights in peak season. 

You can purchase your tickets from the official website, but the tickets to visit the Uffizi Gallery sell out very quickly on the official website.

Don’t worry if the tickets are sold out on your prefered date, there are many other websites which sell tickets. When the official office doesn’t have any more tickets for the day, online travel agencies are likely to still have some. Use TourScanner’s search and compare the prices of all the websites to book entrance tickets, guided visits or combo tickets including other attractions in Florence.

Are there any combined tickets?

Many travel agencies sell combo packages including several museums. Take advantage of combined tickets to visit other unmissable attractions in Florence.

Visit the Accademia Gallery

Accademia Gallery in Florence
credit to Getyourguide

The Accademia Gallery is the second most visited museum in Florence right after the Uffizi Gallery. The original statue of Michelangelo’s famous David made the Accademia Gallery the most notorious museum in all of Italy. Undoubtedly one of the finest museums in the world, the Accademia Gallery is a must see on any visit to Florence.

Uffizi Gallery & Accademia Gallery combined tickets

Discover the Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens

credit to Musement

Do not miss the most elegant building of Florence, the Palazzo Pitti. Located on the south side of the River Arno (a short walking distance from the Ponte Vecchio), the Palazzo Pitti is a must visit palace in Florence.

Directly behind the Palazzo Pitti are the marvelous Boboli Gardens, one of the greatest open-air museums in Florence. The gardens hosting splendid centuries-old oak trees, beautiful fountains and sculptures offers to its visitors a peaceful shelter from the hot sun in summer time.

Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Pitti & Boboli Gardens combined tickets

Climb to the top of the dome of Florence’s cathedral

Formally the “Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore”, Florence’s cathedral is must visit attraction. Climb to the top of the Dome and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Florence.

Uffizi Gallery & Duomo combined tickets

Visit the Palazzo Vecchio

Visit the Palazzo Vecchio and travel back in time. While the Palace still functions as Florence’s city hall, much of the Palazzo Vecchio remains a museum.

The Palazzo Vecchio was the symbol of political life and civic power of Florence for over seven centuries.

Uffizi Gallery & Palazzo Vecchio combined tickets

Admire the Santa Croce church

Santa Croce is a famous church in Florence where many notorious Italians are buried (Michelangelo, Rossini and Machiavelli to name a few). Its sculptures and the sheer size of the building itself are sure to impress you.

Uffizi Gallery & Santa Croce combined tickets

Are guided tours worth it?

Absolutely. Here is why:

  • Guided tours are easy to book and your tickets are reserved

Your entrance tickets will be bought in advance and ready, nothing for you to do but just show up.

  • Skip the line and don’t waste your precious holiday time

Jump the waiting line and enter the museum straight away.

  • Focus on the most important masterpieces

With the vast amount of art to see in the Uffizi Gallery, having a guided tour can help you to focus on only some of the most important sections.

  • Ask questions

When you reserve a tour guide, there is someone to answer your questions. It is considerably nicer to have a knowledgable guide who can explain to you in details just what you want to know.

What time is best to visit the Uffizi Gallery?

Plan to spend at least half a day (or even the whole day). The gallery is huge, and the works displayed on the walls definitely deserve more than a quick glance.

What are the opening hours?

The Uffizi Gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8:15 am to 6:50 pm.

Entrance to the Uffizi Gallery is allowed every 15 minutes. Last entrance time is at 4:45 pm.

The Uffizi Gallery is closed every Mondays, 1st January, 1st May and Christmas day.