tours and activities report 2019

One of the hottest segments within the tourism industry is the Tours, Attractions and Travel Activities sector. The rapid changes taking place within this sector, both in terms of supply and demand, have propelled intrigue from journalists, analysts, and market players.

TourScanner collected some of its data for an analysis, and the results revealed some fascinating, interesting information about travel trends. 

Purpose of the study

TourScanner’s report aims to identify the most interesting trends unfolding within the tours and travel activities sector, in terms of both supply and demand. The report, divided into two sections, analyzes:

  1. The market and the geographical distribution of the offering.
  2. The behavior of the customers through the analysis of 1 million visitors and 10,000 transactions.

What you will learn from this report

The data in the report will contribute to key findings:

1. The number of digital distributors (OTAs, resellers, marketplaces, etc.) active in tours and activities continues to increase. TourScanner has tracked over 100 websites active in this sector. Click here to download the full list.

2. European destinations and world-famous attractions play the most important role in the tours and activities market, filling the top spots of the rankings.

3. The typical customer is a digital millennial (25-44 years old), with slightly more interest from females.

4. Different devices are used for different purposes by travelers. Smartphones are predominantly used for broad research, last minute, and in-destination booking, while desktop computers still play an important role in advance planning and reserving expensive tours.

5. From the analysis of the bookings, over 50% of the reservations are made less than one week before the date of consumption of the activity, but the behavior is very different between smartphones, and desktops and tablets. The curves of the percentage and percentile of bookings over the anticipation are shown in the report.

6. The average booking cart is slightly above US$150. However, there is a wide difference depending on the anticipation of the booking event (i) and the device used (ii).

Tours and Travel Activities Report 2019
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