London-based startup Stasher is building what it calls the “Airbnb for luggage”. Stasher is the world’s first sharing economy for luggage storage. The platform connects travellers, day-trippers and city-dwellers with local businesses who can store their bags, freeing them to enjoy their day.


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Carrying around luggage can often stop you enjoying part of your day when travelling, time that is otherwise wasted. Beside dragging luggage is tiring, a lot of venues now-a-days outright ban bringing in your luggage (museums, shows).

“If you’ve ever been forced out of your Airbnb at 10am, you may be familiar with the issue,” stasher co-founder Anthony Collias explains.

Stasher is available in 50 cities across Europe while London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and Berlin are their main markets.

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Meet Stasher, the Startup Helping Travelers Store Luggage Anywhere
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