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Wondering which of the many Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing is the best for you? On this page, you will find a comprehensive guide to Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing.

Would you like to witness China’s most magnificent engineering and must-see site? The Great Wall traces 21,196 kilometers of China’s territory and is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO – well, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The Great Wall of China is divided into many sections all accessible from Beijing. The most popular parts of the Great Wall of China are around Beijing’s north and east. You can find from the best-restored to ruins and by far the most crowded parts in the wall. Scroll down so you can read in more detail about some sections of the wall that is open for tourism.

As you may know, countless companies offer tours, day trips, and transport to get there and back. You may want to book some of these because it’s not that easy to bump into an English speaking person and it is bound to be challenging. So you could consider booking a tour with an English speaking driver or guide. A guide can provide you with so much information I’m sure the experience would be more enriching.

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Which Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing should I pick?

The Great Wall of China is vast and you may have your doubts about which is the best section to visit. It all depends on your energy and liking – nobody likes to visit places that are packed with tourists or going up and down steep steps. I suggest you read some information about each section and it’ll be easier to decide! However you can also check all the tours available:

Here’s a list below of the nine best-recommended sections:

1. Mutianyu – one of the most popular & kids friendly

Mutianyu is considered the greatest fully restored Great Wall section and the most child-friendly. This section of wall connects the Jiankou Great Wall section in the east and the Baima Pass section in the west. Mutianyu Great Wall section is 73 km north of central Beijing, about one and a half hours’ drive. Forget about public transportation from Beijing to this section of the Great Wall, there’s a lot of hassle and there’s always that language barrier that may confuse. It’s recommended that going on your own is the best option or else be daring enough to use public transport.

To get there, you can catch the 916 bus from Dongzhimen bus station until the final stop and either hire a minivan or catch a taxi from there. Be careful with scammers who dress up as they work for the bus, ignore them and buy the bus ticket inside the bus.

I’m sure you will have many tour options to choose from, whether you want a private tour or a group tour or maybe you would like to visit not only this part of the Great Wall but other attractions in Beijing. You can compare many trips and prices on TourScanner from which you can choose your best option.

Mutianyu Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing tours

2. Jinshanling – half restored, half wild

Renowned for being the most popular hiking route from Jinshanling to Simatai. Recognized for being half restored and half wild – also the most beautiful section of the Great Wall with mesmerizing views of the wall roller coasting up and down.

You can drive there for 2-3 hours (154 kilometers) from Beijing and spend the whole day there. There is also the option of public transport, a direct bus from Wangjing West Station or a bus from Wangjing West Station to Jinshanling Resting Area.

Compare prices and tours on TourScanner to see which your best option is.

Jinshanling Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing tours

3. Jiankou – totally wild, the most challenging steep section

If you’re up for more serious hiking, then Jiankou is the one for you. What’s unique about Jiankou is its complete authenticity, wilderness and untouched walls. It takes approximately 5 hours to complete a distance of 10 km. Highly recommended for experienced mountain hikers. Not only them but also photographers love to visit this section as it has many beautiful spots worth visiting: “The Nine-Eye Tower,” “The Beijing Knot,” and “The Sky Stair.” Many places worth capturing with your camera and you will also be rewarded with the beauty of sunrises and sunsets.

It can take at least half a day to visit Jiankou so if you’re up for a hiking or trekking tour head over to TourScanner and compare prices.

Jiankou Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing tours

4. Simatai- the only section opened for night tours

Considered the most authentic part of the Wall for being the original construction and there is a possibility of visiting at night time. Take a 2-3 hours drive from Beijing to Simatai. Simatai Great Wall stretches around 5.5 km to the Jinshanling Great Wall section in the west part. It also enables access to the part of Gubeikou, stated to be an important passage of military significance on the way to the capital city of Beijing.

If you want to spend the night in Simatai Great Wall, you can enjoy a well-lit night walk on the wall. There is a possibility of staying over at a range of 5-star hotels.

Simatai Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing tours

5. Huanghuacheng – unique wall and water scenery

Huanghuacheng Great Wall is highly differentiated for having a unique wall and water scenery combined. Only one hour and a half drive from Beijing. You can do many activities here like hiking, camping or experience taking a boat on the lake to appreciate the Great Wall surrounded by the mountains. The Huanghuacheng Great Wall is unique for having some parts of the wall in the water which makes it even more characteristic than the other sections of the Great Wall.

To get to Huanghuacheng Great Wall you can go to Dongzhimen by bus 24, 106, 107, 123, 132, 206, or subway line 2 or 13. After that take the bus 916 from Dongzhimen to Huairou Town and then catch a bus under the name of “Huairou Waterside Great Wall” that takes you directly to Huanghuacheng.

If you would prefer to book a tour with some extra help, take a look on TourScanner to compare prices and see which one catches your interest.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing tours

6. Gubeikou – wild wall and an ancient battle site

Gubeikou section is also another wild part of the Great Wall; it still holds its original bricks and stones and is still well preserved and unrestored. Gubeikou Great Wall protected an important pass to Beijing from northern Mongol areas. Just two hour’s drive from Beijing and you would have to make your way there. There is no available direct transport from Beijing to Gubeikou. Or perhaps you can be adventurous and take bus 980 from Dongzhimen Station to Miyun Station, then catch bus 25 to Gubeikou.

Sometimes it can be very challenging and confusing to get to some places, so if you don’t want to waste time in worrying, consider looking on TourScanner to compare prices and what they have to offer.  Life is easier when you have a tour guide or even a person that can take you there directly.

Gubeikou Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing tours

7. Juyongguan- one of the greatest Great Wall forts

The Juyong Great Wall was considered one of the three most important passed in the whole Great Wall where big battles took place. Said to be the most easily accessible Great Wall section from Beijing and wheelchair friendly. Juyong is only about an hour and 20 minutes from Beijing so consider traveling by car which can be quite challenging or take a bus from Beijing. Take bus 345 and get off at Shahe and then catch bus 68 that takes you directly to Juyong Pass.

Whether you would like a group tour or private tour, take a look at TourScanner and compare prices. An individualized tour is always a good idea in order to get a better explanation and understanding of the Great Wall of China.

Juyongguan Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing tours

8. Huangyaguan – an annual Great Wall marathon race site

Huangyaguan is where the Great Wall Marathon is held each May. Also, a perfect choice where you can exercise and appreciate the views. It takes a 3 hour’s drive to get to Huangyaguan from Beijing or take a bus at Beijing  Sihui Long Distance Bus Station or Tianjin Hebei Bus Station to Jixian.

If you’re interested in exploring this section of the Great Wall, there are many private or group tours from which you can compare prices on TourScanner.

Juyongguan Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing tours

9. Badaling – the most popular section among Chinese tourists

Take a 2 hour’s drive from Beijing to spend half a day at the most popular section of the Great Wall among Chinese tourists. Badaling is the most representative and impressive section of the Great Wall. It has many facilities, including a circular-screen cinema, Great Wall Museum, shopping and dining facilities, as well as barrier-free access for the disabled. If you prefer going to Badaling by public transport, then you’re lucky. Take bus 877 that takes you directly from Deshengmen to Badaling Great Wall section. If you don’t want to take crowded public transport, there are direct coaches to Badaling from Beijing Tourist Hub.

Our advice is to avoid Badaling section as it is always crowded and packed with tourists. If you would prefer a more quiet and relaxed experience check other sections on the Great Wall. Head over to TourScanner where you can look for a more personalized tour or a group tour.

Badaling Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing tours

How much Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing cost?

As you can see the Great Wall of China has many sections to choose from, all very different to each other depending on whether you would like a more relaxed stroll along the wall, a challenging experience hiking up and down the steep stairs, or an excellent historical lesson provided by a tour guide, and so on.

If you prefer a private tour, you will probably find some between 40 to 90€, of course, each private tour has unique features, so we suggest you look on TourScanner to compare prices.

Group tours are always a good option also, prices are around 70 to 100€ and they always include a wide range of activities such as visiting the forbidden city, the summer palace or they offer activities to do within the Great Walls.

ALL Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing tours

Should I book a private tour, a group tour, or get there by myself?

I’m sure you’ve read on many websites or been told that China is the definition of chaos. It’s your lucky day if you come across an English speaking person. Watch out for scams also, it wouldn’t be the first time that people dress as bus drivers and try to sell you overpriced tickets.

You can’t decide whether it’s better to choose private or group tour? There are always advantages and disadvantages that weigh up and down your decision.  On the one hand, traveling in a group is always perfect for budget travelers, a price are considerably lower but on the downside sometimes having too many people in a group forces you to follow them and no one likes to be in a rush while soaking in the views from the Great Wall.

If you prefer to pay a little bit more and have a more individualized experience, then a private tour is for you. They offer more services such as hotel pick up, full attention to any question you may have; all your tickets are booked, etc.

What is the best time to visit the Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall of China is open almost all year round; anyhow you would want to choose the right time to go there. The ideal months for visiting the Great Wall are spring, early summer and autumn. You would want to avoid summer heat and crowds or winter freezing conditions. During springtime the green plants and flowers make the Great Wall look mesmerizing. Fall is the best season for hiking due to cold weather and the combination of colors of the plants is spectacular.

What can I do there besides hiking?

The most popular thing to do in the Great Wall is hiking but don’t miss out on the other stuff! You can enjoy a night walk at Simatai Great Wall section which is the only section lit up at night or enjoy a picnic with astonishing views from Mutianyu Great Wall section. Or camping on the Wild Great Wall at Jiankou section during the autumn if you’re an autumn lover, run along the Huangyaguan section with runners from all over the world. If you are looking for a more exciting activity, then take a roller coaster cart down from the Great Wall at Mutianyu section. You certainly will not get bored at the Great Wall of China!

Any combos including Great Wall of China Tours from Beijing?

Want to know more about Beijing?  Hundreds of day trips and tours offer not only a visit to the Great Wall but other very famous attractions such as the Forbidden City or the Summer Palace. Take a look on TourScanner where you can find your perfect “combos” which combine all these attractions.

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